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Abel Mini Gems Clip Plastic

Standard wire constructionZinc galvanized plating resists corrosionJumbo size clip, 20 sheet capacit..

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deli Magnetic Paper Clip Holder 0988

deli Magnetic Paper Clip Holder 0988 Can be used for organizing paper clip53x29x38cmSKU20252654..

৳ 70

deli Numbering Machine 7508

About deli:Tagline: make your office work easyDELI Group is a professional office supply manufacture..

৳ 60

Diamond Binder Clip All Size, Black,12pcs/Box

Brand Name: DiamondAll size availableCustomized : 12Pcs/Box SKU4098992197Unit of Measure12pcs/B..

৳ 30

Double Clip Board, Letter Size, 14"x9"

Double Clip Board,Normal quality Letter SizeSKU5826645984Unit of MeasureEachCall For PriceNo..

৳ 65

Era Saddle Clip

Era Saddle Clip High QualityLong Lasting SKU4179465852Call For PriceNoUnit of MeasureEach..

৳ 10

Golden Eagle RIGHT ANGLE BIAS BINDER, A10/S60, 34mm

Golden Eagle RIGHT ANGLE BIAS BINDERModel: A10/S60SKU3383727824Unit of MeasureEachCall For PriceNo..

৳ 370

Kitty Cable Clip, 10mm to 25mm

Kitty Cable ClipSize : 10mm to 25mmSKU1249875937Unit of Measure100pcs/PackCall For PriceNo..

৳ 68

Kitty Cable Clip, 4mm to 9mm

Kitty Cable ClipSize : 4mm to 9mmSKU2020167741Unit of Measure100pcs/PackCall For PriceNo..

৳ 24

M & G A4 Clip Board Pad, ADM94512

Brand : M & G  A4 clip board padADM945124 mixed colors SKU1130551950Unit of MeasureEac..

৳ 110

M&G A4 Transparent Clip Pad , ADM94510

Brands M&GA4 Solid colorful clip pad 4mixed colorsSKU2449835943Unit of MeasureEachCall For Price..

৳ 105

M&G A4 Transparent Colorful Clip Pad Asodate Colors, ADM94563

Brand: M&GA4 Transparent Colorful Clip PadAsodate Colors,ADM94563SKU6580652405Unit of MeasureEac..

৳ 100

M&G Binder Clip, ABS92764, 15mm

Brand : M&GBinder Clip,ABS92764,Size : 15mmSKU2817922110Unit of Measure60pcs PackCall For PriceN..

৳ 65

RM Cable Clip, 12mm to 22mm

RM Cable ClipSize : 12mm to 22mm \Good QualitySKU4044717218Unit of Measure100pcs BoxCall For PriceNo..

৳ 86

RM Cable Clip, 4mm to 10mm

RM Cable ClipSize : 4mm to 10mm \Good QualitySKU1684150857Unit of Measure100pcs BoxCall For PriceNo..

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