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15GL Measurement Tape

Measurement Tape Easy indication High quality material KU6576653120Unit of MeasureEac..

৳ 38

A1 Thread Tape

Made from 100% pure polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) , virgin raising.A-1 PTFE thread seal tape are ex..

৳ 15

Aluminium Foil Tape. 18mm

Moisture and chemically resistant - helps seal and protect many sensitive assemblies and surfaces.Th..

৳ 90

Barier Tape

Barier Tape Good QualitySKU1242597410Unit of MeasureEachCall For PriceYes..

৳ 0

Cotton Tape

Cotton Tape On RollAvailable in WhiteSKU2400470514Unit of MeasureEachCall For PriceNo..

৳ 69

deli Tape Dispenser, 808

Size: 123×57×65mmDimension: 40×26×29.5cmSKU2676110237Unit of MeasureEachDisplay request for quoteNoC..

৳ 120

Double Sided Tape, 10 yard

Double Sided Tape 10 yard SKU1676949875Unit of MeasureEachCall For PriceNo..

৳ 12

Floor Marking Tape

Floor Marking TapeGood QualitySKU9317175262Display request for quoteNoUnit of MeasureEachCall For Pr..

৳ 0

Foil Tape 2"

Foil Tape2"High qualitySKU2526011868Unit of MeasureEach RollCall For PriceNo..

৳ 100

Gas Tape, 4'', 400 Feet Roll

Gas Tape, 4'', 400 Feet RollUsed in pipe fittingsSKU7263594374Display request for quoteNoUnit of Mea..

৳ 2,700

Glass Fiber Tape, 48mm X 40 yards

Glass Fiber Tape48mm X 40 yards..

৳ 240

Gum Tape, 50 yard Brown

Gum Tape50 yardColour : Brown SKU2068723197Unit of MeasureEachCall For PriceNo..

৳ 30

Gum Tape, 50 yard Transparent

Gum Tape50 yardColour : Transparent SKU1762303846Unit of MeasureEachCall For PriceNo..

৳ 30

Gum Tape, 50 yard, Yellowish

Gum Tape50 yardColour : YellowishSKU1889395222Unit of MeasureEachCall For PriceNo..

৳ 30

Hunter Bookbinding Tape

Brands: HunterSize: 3" InchUsed for binding books beautifully SKU28726638Unit of MeasureEach Ro..

৳ 52