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Air Filter AF25593 for 1500 KVA Genset

Air Filter AF25593 1500 KVA Genset Spare PartsSKU6374728174Unit of MeasureEachCall For PriceNoB..

৳ 20,000

Air Filter for ELGI Compressor, B00570077007

Air Filter for ELGI Compressor,B00570077007SKU4311573140Display request for quoteNoUnit of Meas..

৳ 9,000

Air Filter for Ingersoll Rand Air Compressor 39708466

Ingersoll Rand Air Filter Element #39708466Brand Name: Ingersoll RandModel Number: 39708466 Typ..

৳ 6,500

Allen Cot Screw

Allen Cot Screw Features* High Tensile strength* Solid SKU1279465358Unit of MeasureEachDis..

৳ 6

Aluminium Nut (Screw Type)

luminium Nut (Screw Type)Good QualityLong Lasting SKU1564611694Unit of MeasureEachCall For Pric..

৳ 25

Aluminium Rod, Diameter 12.7mm, Length 2 Feet

Aluminium RodDiameter 12.7mmLength 2 Feet SKU2830377155Unit of MeasureEachCall For PriceNoBrand..

৳ 550

Anix Non Return Valve with Flange, Disc Type, 3 inch

Brand AnixNon Return Valve with Flange, Disc Type, 3 inch SKU2871039539Unit of MeasureEachDispl..

৳ 10,000

ARI Steam Klinger Valve, China, 1 inch

ARI Steam Klinger Valve, China, 1''SKU7419255167Unit of MeasureEachDisplay request for quoteNoCall F..

৳ 4,800

Ball Type Pneumatic Valve, 1.5 inch

Ball Type Pneumatic ValveSize : 1.5 inch Good QualitySKU2206076790Display request for quoteNoUn..

৳ 8,100

Bench Vice, 6 Inch

Bench ViceHigh quality 6 InchSKU2480390256Unit of MeasureEachCall For PriceNoBrandNot defined..

৳ 7,000

Bimetallic Cable lugs 30 RM

Bimetallic Cable lugs 30 RMSKU1574220162Unit of MeasureEachCall For PriceNoChoose Your BrandChina (M..

৳ 85

Bimetallic Connector

Bimetallic Connector Good QualityLong Lasting SKU2601016713Unit of MeasureEachCall For Pri..

৳ 125

BOC Welding Rod 2.5 mm

BOC   Welding Rod2.5 mmSKU2799388752Display request for quoteNoUnit of Measure100 pcs/Pack..

৳ 675

BOC Welding Rod 3.2

Welding Rod 3.2SKU1675812300Display request for quoteNoUnit of MeasureEachCall For PriceNoBrandNot d..

৳ 750

Brass bush,1/2"x 3/8"

Brand: BrassBushSize: 1/2"x 3/8" SKU2478251598Unit of MeasureEachDisplay request for quoteNoCal..

৳ 68